Lu Parish, Artist and Traveler

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Her mind, like her sleek silver sports car, is in the fast lane and leaving the twenty-somethings in the dust.

Lu Parish is 90, and she is in the middle of writing a book, planning to travel to India (again!) and has recently put on the first Art Exhibit (2008) of her life.

Lu hasn’t been sitting around with the motor idling or cruising in circles around the town square . She isn’t a dreamer - she is a person going places and doing things. She is providing inspiration for her grand-children and great-grand children, who wish they could keep up with her.

Her first Art Exhibit opened at the Red Bluff Art Gallery on Friday, July 18th, 2008.

Her work reflects her life of travel and multiple interests. The family 1907 Chrysler is featued in one painting; another depicts a fisherman in China; and another, a castle in Spain ("I almost bought that castle!" says Lu) are just some of the things featured in the show.

Her beautiful flower paintings hint at the influence of Georgia O'Keeffe with their close-up style, bold and colorful.

Lu is currently working on her Autobiography. It will likely be filled with her memories of a life of travel.

Lu became active with the Girl Scouts at a young age and has maintained that tie all her life. Much of her travel has been related to Girl Scout events. She has visited Africa, Europe, Hawaii, and countries like India, Brazil, Thailand, the Phillipines, Greece, Turkey, Nepal, Canada, Japan Korea, Russia, Bali, Singapore and Mexico, among others.

The Red Bluff Art Gallery is located at 601 Walnut in downtown Red Bluff. 529-1332

Lu is an active member of the Red Bluff Artist's Association.

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Press Release about Lu


"Life Works" Opened on July 18 & 19th, 2008. Over 325 people attended the Artists' Receptions over the two day period.

The slide show above shows some of the crowd and a private luncheon for Lu and her family held afterwards on Sunday.