Lu Parish, Artist and Traveler

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At 87, Lu Parish had her first Art Exhibit. Her show, entitled "Life Works" ran at the Red Bluff Art Gallery from July 18 until August 15th, 2008.

An admirer of the work of William Russell and John Constable, her own work reflects a life of travel and an eye for beauty. Her close-up paintings of flowers hint at Georgia O'Keeffe. Her travel paintings tell stories. A picture of her grandfather's 1907 Chrysler gives you yet another glimpse into the life of this active and vibrant woman.

Lu started life in Mexico, Missouri, a town about the size of Red Bluff. Later, working for San Mateo General Hospital, she got the chance to travel as part of her job. Eventually, she built a beautiful Spanish style house in Gloster, Louisiana. She now spends part of the year there and part of the year in Red Bluff, where she is close to her children, grand children and great-grandchildren.

Lu and her husband Tom have four children. Their eldest is Tom, a fashion designer, residing in Pasadena. Sara is an artist, living in Novato. Rebecca, following in her mother's footsteps, is a Girl Scout Leader. Tim lives in Red Bluff and is also adventursome, currently off gold panning in the gold country.

The Press Release for the Exhibit (click here)